27 Q 6

Describe four basic forms of bird wings. How does wing shape correlate with bird size and nature of flight (whether powered or soaring)?

The four basic forms of bird wings are..
1. Elliptical Wings-low aspect ratio. Slotted between primary feathers, which helps prevent stalling during sharp turns, low-speed flight, and frequent landing and take off.

2. High-Speed Wings-rather flat, moderatly high aspect ratio, and they lack the wing-tip slotting characteristic of elliptical wings.

3. Dynamic Soaring Wings- long, narrow wings lack wing slots, adapted for high speed, high lift and dynamic soaring.

4. High-lift wings- wings with slotting,alulas, and pronounced camber all promote high lift at low speed.

Wing shape correlates with bird size and nature of flight because the size of the bird determines what kind of wings the bird needs to be able to fly. The wings have to be able to support the bird and carry it.

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